Time Change

10 Seasonal Chores To-Do When You Change the Clocks

It’s that time of year again … time to change the clocks back one hour.

I love almost everything about autumn, except for the time change. We “gain” an hour, but I hate that it is full on dark by dinner time. It seems like I have a harder time adjusting to this each year than the year before. Is it age related? Oh well …

A homeowner has many chores to take care of to have a well maintained home. Many of them are repetitive, i.e. weekly, monthly, etc. Those I seem to be able to remember, but it’s those random, occasional ones that seem to sometimes fall through the cracks for me. It reminds me of the household budget. Some bills are paid every month, they are routine – expected. Some bills, like your license plate renewal sticker (for example) are due annually – so they are easier (for me) to forget about. I find that if I give those random type tasks a “due date”, I remember they need to be done. So, I make them “due” at the seasonal time change.

Here are some of the random type chores I like to take care of around the same time as we change the clocks …

• Change the batteries in the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
• Vacuum / clean the lint from the dryer vents
• Winterize the outdoor water spigots
• Put the patio furniture & grill away for winter storage
• Thoroughly clean the refrigerator – inside and out. Vacuum the coils in the back and underneath.
• Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans
• Schedule a “check-up” for your furnace
• Clean your humidifier, replace the filter
• Clean your gutters, check for damage, make needed repairs
• Check for drafts around windows and doors – apply weather-stripping and/or caulk

Taking care of these things around the same time as changing the clocks, is a good way to remember these routine home maintenance tasks 🙂