Early Spring Cleaning - Kitchen

5 Things on My "Tackle Spring Cleaning Early" List ~ Kitchen

Please accept my apologies for complaining so much about the weather last month 🙁

I’ve decided to stop whining and get productive.  I’m starting some spring cleaning early … hopefully I can be done (or almost done) by the time spring actually arrives 🙂

My plan is to spend the month of February deep cleaning my kitchen.

  • Cabinets/Counters – clean/degrease the outsides, wipe down /sanitize the insides, re-organize the contents, wipe down, de-clutter & organize counter tops more efficiently
  • Frig/Freezer completely empty out and throw away expired items, thoroughly clean and sanitize shelves, organize shelves more logically, clean off the top of the frig
  • Stove/Oven – thorough cleaning & scrubbing using lots of “elbow grease” to get rid of those really tough baked on stains casino online
  • Floor – wash on my hands and knees (like my Grandma taught me), getting into every corner and scrubbing the grout of the tile
  • Walls/Windows/Ceiling Fan – wipe down walls, clean/degrease backsplashes, wash windows (inside only – it’s February in Chicago, people … lol), change the curtains, clean/degrease the fan blades

I really can’t stand all that gross, greasy dust that accumulates on every surface in the kitchen … I hope to be able to stay on top of this chore every month, so it doesn’t get so out of control in the future 🙂

Who wants to join me on getting an early start on our spring cleaning this year? I’m thinking that if I spend my time productively during these “cabin fever”, winter months, I can actually spend lots of time outdoors enjoying the spring weather without feeling guilty for blowing off my household responsibilities 🙂

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6 thoughts on “5 Things on My "Tackle Spring Cleaning Early" List ~ Kitchen

  1. Tracey Williams

    Thanks Tracy. This has motivated me to start my own Spring Cleaning, in hopes that it will motivate ‘Spring’ to come earlier. 🙂 – Tracey

    1. Tracy Post author

      I’m right there with you in hoping that Spring comes sooner rather than later … besides, what do groundhogs know?

  2. Terri

    Your list makes me tired. LOl But I’m with you on the grease issue. I sometimes wish I could steam clean the entire kitchen.

    1. Tracy Post author

      Haha, I thought about taking a nap after writing it 🙂
      Have you had success using a steam cleaner? I’ve never used one …

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