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Waterfall Selfie near Oglesby, IL 2020

We love taking trails that lead us to beautiful waterfalls!


It’s nice to “meet” you. My name is Tracy Carter.      I am married to a wonderful man, John, and we have two grown children — Tim and Kate.  We have 2 pet cats, Jack and Noel. I love animals, they are definitely part of our family.  I love to travel (I used to be a travel agent).  I also love scrolling on facebook, tiktok & instagram, camping & hiking, reading, gardening, walking, singing in the choir, and helping people.

I really enjoy helping people.  I’ve been doing this for many years as a volunteer.  I’m that person in the group that always raises her hand when no one else seems to want to.  Since we are now empty nesters, it seems the gift of time is on my side. Once I had a lady at church ask me to do a few things for her.  She offered to pay me (I turned her down), but it got me thinking … is this something people need?  Could I actually make some extra money doing it? This is why I started my own business – Tracy Helps You!
I’m pretty good at finding joy in the mundane; so don’t be afraid to ask me to do anything and/or everything on your list. I enjoy putting together to-do lists, spreadsheets, shopping, organizing, figuring out problem areas and finding creative solutions for them!
I know … weird, right?

Let’s get to know each other and see how I can help YOU!

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