An assistant can be a real lifesaver.

Having an Assistant Can Be a Real Lifesaver

An assistant can seem like a lifesaver because they can save you valuable time. Everyone is busy, their calendars and schedules are full of appointments, events and occasions.

We all get 24 hours in a day. It’s a challenge deciding which activities take priority over the others. You may sometimes wonder “how in the world will I get everything accomplished”?

That’s where hiring an assistant can be helpful. Hiring an assistant will save you time by taking care of some of the tasks that you can delegate. Having those tasks off your to-do list (and onto theirs), frees up your time to take care of the other tasks that need your specific attention.

An assistant can be helpful in both your personal and your professional life. For example,

  • you work away from home all week – then on the weekends, instead of relaxing and enjoying time with your family, you have to run errands and do the grocery shopping for the coming week. Your family has to eat. It’s equally as busy during the week – you get home from a long, hard day at work, then you have to feed your family, clean up after the meal, and often times, take someone somewhere … so much for relaxing 🙁
  • you own a small business – it is only you, or you and an employee or two. As a business owner, you have to wear many hats. You are the Owner, the Manager, the Sales dept., the customer service dept., the marketing dept., the accounting dept., … well you get the idea. You can’t do it all (and remain healthy). Your business may run smoother if you delegate some tasks to an assistant.

At Tracy Helps You, we offer services as both a personal assistant and as a virtual assistant.

  • As a personal assistant (on site), we can help you by running your errands, doing your shopping (grocery or general), taking your dog to the groomer, picking up and/or dropping off your kids at their various after-school activities / appointments … you get the idea. The type of things that need to get done, but don’t necessarily require you to be the one doing it.
  • As a virtual assistant (off site), we can help you with the social media marketing for your small business, email marketing & newsletters, doing data-entry, proof-reading, sending out large post office mailings like annual holiday cards, or individual hand-written notes … again, tasks that need to get done, but do not require your personal expertise.

Give us a call to see how a personal or virtual assistant can help save you some valuable time.