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The Ark Encounter was on my travel log this year

On the Road Again! My 2019 Travel Log

As I write this blog post, I’m on yet another road trip. I’m traveling to Tennessee for a romantic getaway with my husband prior to a business training meeting. I love tacking on a couple days either before or after a business trip for some personal time away.
So far, this year has been full of travel for me, and I love it ? I love the fact that I control my schedule. I decide what goes on my calendar and when. One of my favorite perks of owning my own business, is the freedom to choose when I work and when I don’t … I don’t need to request time off from a boss … I am the boss!
Sorry for getting off topic, can you say SQUIRREL ? Continue reading

Vacation Suitcases

Planning A Vacation ~ Spring Break or Anytime

As you may or may not know, I used to be a travel agent. Planning a vacation was one of my main job duties. I was actually employed in the travel industry for 25 plus years. As well as being a travel agent, I also worked in the reservations department for Apple Vacations for a couple of years, and worked for United Express Airlines for 14 years. All that to say, I’ve planned a vacation or two in my day 🙂
Lots of things have changed since I graduated from travel school in the 80’s … the internet being the most profound one. Planning a vacation online is easy for anyone with even a modest familiarity with computers.
Many people book their own travel these days. Most travel websites are very user friendly, guiding the user along each step of the way. After just a few clicks of your mouse and entering in your credit card info, you can pretty much start packing your bags 🙂
Perhaps these check lists (that I’ve found online) will be helpful to you as you plan your next vacation …

Always remember, if you don’t have the time or just plain don’t feel like it, I would be happy to “help” you by doing all the vacation planning research for you … I’m just a phone call away 🙂

Warm, Sunny Beach in the Bahamas is perfect for Spring Break

I’m Dreaming of a Warm, Sunny Spring Break Beach Vacation

It’s the middle of February 2014 ~ time is flying by fast … but not fast enough for those of us who are getting tired of winter. Yes, I’m still working on my early kitchen spring cleaning project, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

I’m sitting at my desk, watching the snow fall outside my office window, while I’m watching a slide show of my last warm sunny vacation to the Bahamas for my anniversary last year. We took a cruise on NCL … it was wonderful. We had so much fun ~ great food, live shows, numerous choices for entertainment, fun excursions, plenty of free time for relaxing on deck ~ I really ♥ cruising!

NCL Bahama Cruise Welcome

This greeted us as we boarded our cruise ship, the Norwegian Sky.

Alas, we aren’t taking a spring break trip this year … but I’d love to help you plan yours. Where would you like to go? Close by or far away? With kids or without? Lounging on a beach or packed with action and adventure? What’s your dream vacation look like? Share your ideas of your dream vacation in the comments below 🙂

I have decades of experience working in the travel industry … at times I really miss it. I’d love to work with you to find the perfect vacation for your family. BTW, I can also take care of your pets for you while you’re away … such a deal 🙂

Planning Your Summer Vacation

It’s summertime !!  Where did you go on your vacation ?

What ? You haven’t had one yet ?  Don’t worry, there’s still time 🙂

That being said, remember that time has a way of flying by quickly.

What kind of vacation do you like? Do you like laying on the beach, soaking up the rays? Do you like visiting theme parks with thrill rides? How about spending time in the great outdoors enjoying nature? Or maybe you like being pampered at a spa? Are you a history buff?

There are so many different choices … just choose the one that fits your idea of the perfect vacation.  Then, of course, there are multiple forms of transportation to get you there … plane – train – car – boat. If you choose a cruise, your transportation is part of the vacation 🙂

For me, I think I’d have to say my favorite would be a cruise. Waking up each morning in a new place is a fun adventure (and you don’t have to keep packing and unpacking) … but I also love Disney World.  I believe everyone should be a kid at heart. So, for my dream vacation, I would love to book a Disney Land and Sea Package. For a week long vacation, you can choose 4 days at sea and 3 in the parks, or 3 at sea and 4 in the parks.  You can customize it to work with how many days your vacation is, for example 3,7,10 or more days.  I think I’d like to do the parks for the first part of the week, so then I can rest my poor tired aching feet while lounging poolside sipping a Pina Colada or, perhaps, a Bahama Mama on deck.

John thought this shark wanted it's belly rubbed.

My husband thought this shark wanted it’s belly rubbed.  Umm … Honey, it’s not a dog.


I just love being on vacation, our last trip was a romantic cruise to the Bahamas celebrating our anniversary!  While I love traveling, I also love the researching and planning part of it.  I love searching for the best price. Sometimes I really miss being a travel agent.  I loved meeting with my client and discussing their dream vacation; finding out their interests and their budget, and then putting together a trip that they’d always remember 🙂

While I don’t currently work with an agency, I can still use my knowledge and many many years of experience to plan a wonderful trip for you.

There are so many online booking options. Let Tracy Helps You do the time consuming research and planning for your next vacation.  With my extensive experience, I’ll put together a great trip for you and help you make the reservations online. BTW, sorry for all the smiley faces, but planning vacations makes me happy.

Leave a comment telling me about your dream vacation 🙂