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Client Comments

 Comments From Some of Our Satisfied Customers ~

~ Patricia D. ~  Maybe a Better Name is Tracy Helps A Lot!
While being part of a larger surprise home makeover, Tracy initiated ideas to get additional recruits! In addition, she was very conscientious of the home owners personal belongings taking extra care to make sure even the smallest detail of one family recipe card handed down for generations would not be misplaced. She had a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face as she tackled the kitchen make over. She re-organized the kitchen making the best use of cabinet space — while recalling how important it is that the homeowner would not be missing anything of importance. She made a point of putting important papers all together. Looking at the end result it was clear that Tracy is gifted in organization! Tracy is a Godsend!!!!                                                                  

~ Hollie Y. ~  Tracy is reliable and dependable; I know if she says she’ll do something, she will do it, and she’ll do it right.  And she does everything with a smile and enthusiasm!  She is a wonderful person to have around, and I always call Tracy first when I need help! 

I’ve used Tracy’s pet-sitting and house-sitting services multiple times, and already reserved her for our summer vacation too.  The dogs and cats bonded with her very quickly, and she is even willing to give our geriatric cat her daily pill.  Plus, the house was in better shape when we got back than when we left it.  We treat our pets like family, and it is a great relief to know that they are not only safe while we are gone, but also very happy to have Tracy’s attention.  I would recommend Tracy’s services to everyone.

~ Nancy B. ~ I want to share with you my experience with Tracy from Tracy Helps You.  My only son was finally getting married – I never thought I would see the day and I totally love my daughter-in-law to be.  I wanted to do a very special wedding shower for the two of them!  We filled the house to its capacity with guests and I was afraid I would end up spending all my time in the kitchen making sure everything was served and the buffet table was kept full.  I had met Tracy at a seminar and thought, why not have Tracy help me?  She was wonderful – she stepped right in and kept the buffet plates full, the table neat and the dishes washed.  At the end of the shower, the tables and chairs were put away and the kitchen as neat as a pin.  I was able to enjoy every moment of the shower and Tracy took care of everything else – she was a jewel!  I definitely recommend her and her services!    

~ Margie G. ~  I absolutely love working with Tracy! I received a gift certificate for her services, and I was so pleased I decided to hire her on a weekly basis. She goes to four different grocery stores for me, and gets it all done! I love her services for a few different reasons. I truly believe she is saving me money. Tracy sticks to my list. There is no impulse shopping! Also, because we have groceries in the house we eat out far less. I take about 30 minutes to put together my list and make an easy menu plan. It is so convenient to have everything on hand. We are also eating healthier! We eat far less fast food and carry out. Finally, I love that my weekends can be devoted to my family and not running around when stores are busy. This fall I am going to ask Tracy to come and help me organize some closets and rooms. I am so pleased I have partnered with Tracy!

~ Ed P. ~ Admittedly one of my least favorite tasks of owning and running a small business is the aspect of record keeping. In fact, my records were in a state of chaos when I heard of Tracy’s service. I learned from Tracy’s web site that document scanning is one of the services offered by “Tracy Helps You”. I was a little bit skeptical at first whether I could hand over (okay – dump on) all of my loose documents, receipts etc. on Tracy. I literally handed her a basket of loose papers for a trial run and within the next few days she was calling me with intuitive questions and sorting through my small paper mountain.

Shortly thereafter, I was presented with my documents neatly sorted by category and date – together with the scanned digital files of same. Basically, the combination of Tracy’s excellent service and reasonable pricing has given me the opportunity to focus more on my business and less on the mundane, but necessary task of document  management. I could not be happier – Thanks Tracy!

~ Scott K. ~ I have worked with Tracy for over a year now and I am glad I found her. Being a small business owner there is never enough time in the day to get everything done.  Tracy has helped me with many of my administrative duties, such as creating and maintaining my Leads database and also handwriting thank you cards for each of those leads I meet with. This has freed up my time so I can focus on my clients. I would highly recommend Tracy.

~ Dorothy D. ~ I have been a client of Tracy Helps You for over 2 years. She takes me to many of my doctor appointments, and for out-patient tests at the hospital (sometimes my appointments are very, very early in the morning). She always helps me in and out of her vehicle and patiently waits for me in the doctors reception area while I’m with the Dr. We usually go grocery shopping and/or run errands after my appointments. She helps me find things while in the store and always helps me with big or heavy items. She even helps me carry my shopping bags into my house. She also gave one of my friends a ride to and from the airport. She offers many great services to help people. She is always prompt, kind & courteous. It’s nice to have someone you can trust, I don’t know what I would do without Tracy Helps You.


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