Garden Crop Harvest

Garden Harvest Time

Autumn is in the air … the evenings are getting chilly. It is time to harvest our garden crop. I’m a little concerned about how this year’s crop is going to be. Between my neglect (lack of weeding) and an early frost last night, I don’t have high expectations. My schedule is crazy busy this week, but my plan is to harvest everything on Thursday afternoon … please pray for no rain that day.

Each springtime, I usually try to plant seeds that I’ve saved from last year’s crop. I use my own compost created from our own compostable kitchen scraps and fallen leaves from our many trees. BTW, if anyone is ever in the mood to rake during the month of October … give me a call …  we usually fill 40+ kraft bags with leaves every year.

Last year, I had a great garden crop. It was the first year I planted sweet potatoes. I was pleased with my harvest. We stored them in my crawl space and finished the last of our crop for Easter dinner. I also had a lot of carrots last year. I cleaned and sliced, then par-boiled them to freeze in quart freezer bags. We ate the last bag 2 weeks ago. I also had a good supply of broccoli in the freezer from harvesting and freezing throughout the summer.

Garden Crop Harvest

Carrot Crop

As I was saying earlier, I have been busier than ever and haven’t been able to spend too much time taking care of the garden, so I’m hoping to be able to at least partially fill my freezer with fresh from the garden veges for the coming winter months. Even though my crop may not be as prosperous as in years past, I’m always happy knowing that I’m feeding my family freshly grown, organic produce. My own version of farm to table ?