Holiday Pet Care

Holiday Pet Care

Autumn is officially here (even though it feels like Indian summer) … the holidays will be here before we know it. To me, the holidays are all about spending time with family and friends ~ near and far. You may already be checking airfares to find the best deal. When you travel to see your loved ones, don’t forget about pet care for your fur babies … they are family too! Who will take care of them?

I realize that there are many options for pet care. Personally, I think in home pet care is the best option. This way, your pet stays in their familiar surroundings, even though you aren’t home with them. Another benefit of in-home pet care is home security. Your home won’t appear vacant while you are away.

Pet care & house sitting is but one of the many services that Tracy Helps You offers. I can come to your house a couple times per day to feed and let them out to do their business ~ or ~ I can actually stay at your house. This has the added benefit of bringing in the mail, watering the plants, turning on/off lights and decorations, etc. A home that has someone coming and going throughout the day will be less of a target for burglars. Plus, your fur baby will have company in the evenings … we may go for a walk, play fetch, or have a good belly rub while watching TV ?  Dogs (especially) are such social animals, I truly believe that they feel lonely and really miss their owners when they go out of town.

Another pet care option is that you can board your pet at a kennel while you are gone. Your pet will have their basic needs met but will otherwise be spending most of their time alone. Most kennels don’t have the staff to offer more than food & shelter.  I highly doubt there would be many good belly rubs ?

If you have plans to travel, please call me sooner rather than later. The holidays will be here before we know it. It will be a wonderful gift for your fur babies to have someone who will love and play with them, as well as, take care of their basic needs. 

Give me a call …