Autumn camping

I Love Autumn Camping

Autumn is my favorite time of year to go camping. I’ve always enjoyed camping, but I enjoy it even more now that the kids are grown. Now that it’s just me and my hubby, aka – couple camping, we plan one long weekend each month, May – October. Each month has its own charm, but I really love going in September & October.

One of my favorite things about autumn camping is the weather … not too hot, not too cold. As long as it is sunny, it doesn’t matter to me how chilly the temperature gets. I always dress in layers of clothes, so it’s easy to take one off or put another one on. Another plus to autumn camping is hardly any bugs … sometimes the bees are bad, but they only seem to bother you when there is food out.

I love going for walks / hikes along the trails in state parks … especially in October, when the leaves are changing. One of my favorite things is seeing the sun streaming through the beautiful colored leaves on the trees. It’s a glorious sight 🙂

I also love sitting around the campfire after dinner. I love staring into the glowing embers … it’s so mesmerizing. I love it when the mercury dips and everyone wants to scoot their chair closer to the fire for warmth. Then the front of your body is warm & cozy, while your backside is freezing 🙂

When the fire finally starts to die down, I am very thankful for the heater in my little camper. I love to fall asleep listening to the sounds of nature settling down for the night, and not hearing / feeling my teeth chattering in the cold … brrr 🙂

Do you enjoy camping? Share your favorite memories with me 🙂