Lending A Helping Hand

Lending A Helping Hand

 Thanks for spending some time with me. My goal for this blog is to share some of what I have learned in life:

    • My thoughts and opinions
    • My various projects
    • Some tips and shortcuts
    • Some ideas to try

I hope to share my ideas concerning things I love, such as – travel, kids, crafts … as well as skills I have acquired and honed – organizing, party planning, home management.  Sometimes my posts will relate to some service/task that Tracy Helps You offers, sometimes they will be informational or my opinion/review of a book I’ve read or a product I’ve tried. Other times it may be something that I’m currently interested in learning more about. I hope to help you save time and energy by letting you know what has worked for me and also what hasn’t.

I truly do like helping people, and I like knowing that I was able to play a small part in improving someone’s day.  In doing this, I believe that I really am lending that person a helping hand. Help can be actual physical help or it can be emotional help through encouraging and inspiring words.  I hope my thoughts and ideas will prove helpful to you 🙂



photo by: Jlhopgood

2 thoughts on “Lending A Helping Hand

  1. Julie Nott

    I can’t wait to see more of your tips and inspiration! I’m also looking forward to my upcoming appointment with you! I need your organizational help!

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