Need A Ride ?

Need A Ride ???

Are you traveling for the holidays? Do you need a ride to or from the airport? Maybe you need a ride to and from a doctor’s appointment or hospital for an out-patient procedure. Many people choose to take care of medical appointments at the end of the year to take advantage of flex spending account balances and paid deductibles.

I’ll be taking advantage of both those things later on this afternoon … I’m having my wisdom teeth extracted. The oral surgeon’s office said I needed someone to drive me home afterwards … that it is required. My husband was able to take a vacation day to go with me. I’m happy he could get the day off, but it’s not a very fun way to use a vacation day 🙁

Tracy Helps You can give you a ride wherever you need to go. Here are some of the ways we have helped past clients:
• Rides to the airport
• Rides to the hospital for out-patient testing (they require family/friend or someone you know to be there to make sure you get home safely) We also stop for prescriptions or anything you may need while you are recovering and make sure you are all settled in & comfy once you are home.
• Rides to pick up large items that don’t fit your car. We once drove a client (in our SUV) to a big box pet store to pick up a huge crate for her new puppy that would grow to be 150 lbs.
• Rides home from grocery shopping. We have a client who walks or takes the bus (not an easy feat in the suburbs) because she doesn’t have a car. Once a week, she takes the bus to the grocery store or Costco, then we pick her up and take her and her purchases home. It’s really hard to take the bus while lugging a bunch of grocery bags … plus we help her get it all into her apartment.
These are just a few ways we can help you out if you need a ride.

So, remember to contact us the next time you need a ride … whether it’s planned in advance or even last minute 🙂