Office Help - Onsite or Virtual Assistant

Office Help ~ Virtual Assistant or Onsite ~ Your Choice

As a personal assistant, I offer many different types of services. In the last 6 months or so, I’ve had quite a few requests for administrative / office kind of help.

Around Thanksgiving time, I sent out Christmas cards for 2 individual clients and 3 business owners. Each client had their own instructions, but basically, I copied and folded family letters to be included, printed labels, addressed envelopes and applied stamps – but mostly, I saved my client valuable time. I also helped one of those same business owners plan their company Christmas party. That was fun for me, and was another item checked off his to-do list 🙂

Another client had me fill in for his Office Assistant while she was out sick for a few days. He said it was more cost efficient hiring me than using a temp agency.

Yesterday, I did a mass mailing for that same client. I did the mundane, but necessary work of printing the letters, folding them, labeling the envelopes, stuffing them and running them through the postage machine. It took 3 hours, but his Office Assistant wasn’t taken away from her normal duties for this occasional type project.

I have an ongoing client that I send out hand written thank you cards to all the leads he meets / talks to. He sends me an email with their info and I mail them a card. After our initial meeting, this is all handled virtually. He has the stationary and stamps delivered directly to me. I invoice him monthly and he sends my payment. Easy Peasy ! I also created and maintain a database / spreadsheet with all these leads for him.

Another client has also hired me “virtually”, to manage her Facebook business page. She gives me images and facts pertaining to her business and I use them to create Facebook posts for her business page. I also create her weekly events.

Are you a business owner who could use some administrative / office “help” ?? Tracy Helps You is just a phone call away 🙂