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On the Road Again! My 2019 Travel Log

As I write this blog post, I’m on yet another road trip. I’m traveling to Tennessee for a romantic getaway with my husband prior to a business training meeting. I love tacking on a couple days either before or after a business trip for some personal time away.
So far, this year has been full of travel for me, and I love it ? I love the fact that I control my schedule. I decide what goes on my calendar and when. One of my favorite perks of owning my own business, is the freedom to choose when I work and when I don’t … I don’t need to request time off from a boss … I am the boss!
Sorry for getting off topic, can you say SQUIRREL ?

When you travel to Nashville, TN you have to see the angel wings in the Gulch.

When you travel to Nashville, TN you have to see the angel wings in the Gulch.

This year I’ve made numerous road trips for both business and pleasure and one or two combination trips. We’ve been camping in our new (to us) travel trailer and we went on a cruise to Alaska. I’ve been to Peoria IL, Amboy IL, Rockford IL, Kieler WI, Omaha NE, Iuka MS, Nashville TN, Lexington KY, Paducah KY, and currently heading to Franklin TN.





River at the end of the hiking trail at Mendotta Hills Campground

John & I at the river at the end of the hiking trail at Mendotta Hills Campground

I mention all the different locations because for each trip I researched things to do in the area and planned our itinerary to include fun stops along the route. I found the best campground or hotel to stay at, based on price and location. I had a general idea of what restaurants were near the hotel (and even if they delivered). I made a meal plan for our camping trips and shopped for most everything beforehand. For our cruise, I learned all about many the interesting things available our ship. Because of my advanced planning, I knew we should make reservations for the shows and the extra on-board activities (for an additional fee) like driving the go carts (btw, I came in 3rd place in my heat – WooHoo!!).

Alaska Cruise go-cart

I came in 3rd place in our go-cart race on our cruise.

It was nice knowing that we had seats for both Footloose and Elements. We didn’t have to stress out waiting in line to see if we would get stand-by seats because all the shows were sold out (they are free, but you have to reserve your seats) before we even left the pier. I also researched our excursions well in advance and found better deals/values (through a reputable tour company) than the cruise line offered. We did the same things but were fortunate to have smaller sized tour groups with friendly & knowledgeable tour guides.
All that to say, I love to plan trips! As a former travel agent, I enjoy doing all the research involved (even though it is quite time consuming). Do you love travel planning too? If not, I’d be happy to “help” you plan your next getaway, near or far ? Or even if you do love it, but you just don’t have the time to do it … don’t stress about it – give me a call, I’d love to “help” you save time.