paper clutter is stressful

Paperwork ~ Go From Clutter to Organized

We are several weeks into the new year, and most Americans are in the throws of trying to get their paperwork organized and ready for income taxes.

Many people are overwhelmed by paperwork clutter. Let’s face it, our lives are busy and things need to be prioritized. Paper clutter usually falls pretty low on the priority scale. Unfortunately, it also stacks up pretty quickly.

Tax time can be quite stressful if you aren’t organized. Many people procrastinate this chore, which then increases their stress when they realize they are now in a time crunch.

I helped Ed P. save time (and frustration) by organizing his paperwork … check out his story:

Admittedly one of my least favorite tasks of owning and running a small business is the aspect of record keeping. In fact, my records were in a state of chaos when I heard of Tracy’s service. I learned from Tracy’s web site that document scanning is one of the services offered by “Tracy Helps You”. I was a little bit skeptical at first whether I could hand over (okay – dump on) all of my loose documents, receipts etc. on Tracy. I literally handed her a basket of loose papers for a trial run and within the next few days she was calling me with intuitive questions and sorting through my small paper mountain.

Shortly thereafter, I was presented with my documents neatly sorted by category and date – together with the scanned digital files of same. Basically, the combination of Tracy’s excellent service and reasonable pricing has given me the opportunity to focus more on my business and less on the mundane, but necessary task of document management. I could not be happier – Thanks Tracy!

Let Tracy Helps You “help” you save valuable time ?

Give me a call … let’s get started getting your paper clutter organized!