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A Personal Assistant ~ What It Is & What It Isn’t

 As I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I came upon a status that very simply asked “would you rather have a personal chef, nanny, housekeeper or a personal trainer?”

It sort of got me thinking … Which would I choose? Since I have adult children living at home, I definitely don’t need a nanny – and my kids help out with the housework (a requirement of living here) … so I narrowed it down to between personal chef and personal trainer (btw, since it’s only a dream, why can’t I have both?). Anyway, I decided to choose the personal chef because – to my way of thinking, he or she would prepare healthy meals and snacks for me. I wouldn’t have to shop for food or even be in the kitchen with all its temptations 🙂 Also, maybe the idea of me actually working out might not be such a burden (again, in my dreams).

The fb status was only posted an hour or so earlier and had over 100 comments. Many people were stating what their choice would be and why. One lady said she thought that getting a nanny online casino was the way to go because they do all of that except for maybe the trainer. I always thought that a nanny took care of the children’s needs … not the whole household. I confess that I have never researched the duties of a nanny or anything, but it just seemed logical (to me) that they were in charge of the child’s well being in the parents’ absence.

So then I started thinking, what do people think when I tell them that I’m a Personal Assistant? Many times, a personal assistant works for a business owner or executive helping manage their duties and handling some of the more routine / time consuming tasks, which then frees up their bosses time to concentrate on other aspects of their work. At Tracy Helps You, I have expanded this definition to include everyone … not just business people. I think that everyone can use some help every now and again. In today’s world, we are all so very busy … so we really try to be a helping hand to our clients. In the past few months, we have “helped” people by …

  • Pet sitting
  • Running errands
  • Vacation travel research
  • Organizing closets
  • Grocery shopping
  • Driving to appointments
  • Scanning documents

… just to name a few. You can see a more complete list of the many services we offer here. We are also open to other tasks if you don’t see what you are looking for. You”ve probably heard the phrase “I don”t do windows” … well, just for the record, at Tracy Helps You we don”t do housecleaning. I do, however, know a few people who own Housecleaning businesses that I can highly recommend and refer you too 🙂

So, I’ll end with a question … if you could have a Personal Assistant for an afternoon, what task would you most like to check off your to-do list?

In other words, how can Tracy Helps You, help you ??

2 thoughts on “A Personal Assistant ~ What It Is & What It Isn’t

  1. Jesse Jamison

    If I had a personal assistant I would probably want help with research for projects and making sure my house was cleaned. Both are things I have always hated doing. However, I understand that cleaning is not something an assistant will do, but I like your workaround of finding someone else to do it for me.

    1. Tracy Post author

      Hi Jesse,
      Thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog 🙂
      I’d be happy to help you by doing some research for you
      (it is a service I provide as a virtual assistant) …
      both for your projects and for a house cleaning service!

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