Grandma takes care of you

Rent A Grandma !

Having a Grandma around is nice – they read story books and watch movies with you. They make you chicken soup and hot tea for you when you aren’t feeling so good. They take good care of you and help you feel better ?

This winter sure has been a rough cold & flu season … and they say it isn’t over yet. They are saying that there are so many various strains of the flu this year, that the flu shot only has a 50/50 chance of working … not great odds. The flu is a very serious illness that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Thank goodness that most sicknesses in the wintertime are mostly the common cold and not as serious as the flu. We all know that having a cold is no picnic, but if we can get enough rest, it will run its course in a week or so. Unfortunately, most people don’t get the luxury of taking a week off work to get over a cold. Nor do they get the luxury of taking so much time off when one of their children are sick. Many times, parents must use personal days or vacation days to be able to stay home to take care of their loved ones.

“Rent a Grandma” is a service I offer to busy parents (references available upon request) for when their little ones are feeling under the weather (not a normal babysitter scenario). You know what I mean, not rush them to the doctor sick, but has a cold with a little fever … so can’t go to school or daycare sick. I’ll come over to take care of them, so you don’t have to miss work. We’ll watch movies, read books, and color some pictures … depending on how they are feeling. They will get the rest they need to get better ~ and ~ you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are having one on one time with someone who loves taking care of little kids … doting on them with attention and letting them decide (within reason) how to spend the day with their “Rent A Grandma”.

Even though the very nature of this service is last minute, please call after 7am. If my schedule permits, I can come over right away ?