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Glowing Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Memories of Halloween


Halloween was different when I was growing up. It wasn’t so commercialized ~ it wasn’t “big business” back then. Decorations, costumes and candy went on sale a couple weeks beforehand. At the store, there was a special Halloween display set up at the end of an aisle. This display did not take over multiple aisles in the store for months ahead of time. It was a much simpler time.

It was here that you could by your decorations which mainly consisted of printed cardboard jack-o-lanterns, witches and ghosts that got thumb-tacked to the wall or taped on the window. The main decoration was your hand carved jack-o-lantern – carved with a sharp knife and the pumpkin guts were scooped out by hand – no fancy sawing tools or scrapers. It took a lot of skill to scrap the bottom of the pumpkin flat so the (real) candle would stand up straight with the help of the pile of melted wax dripped in from the opening. I used to love the smell of the pumpkin while the candle was burning. There was always a big black burn mark on the lid. Continue reading

God Is In Love With You~ Photo Credit to Smoky Mountain Christian Village

Show Everyone Some Real Love on Valentine’s Day

February 14th ~ Valentine’s Day … it has very different meanings for different people at different stages of life. Some people think it is just a Hallmark holiday … a marketing ploy to boost sales of romantic cards, flowers, candy and jewelry. Some people think Valentine’s Day is the “be all – end all”. They think life is worthless if you’re not in a relationship on this day 🙁

This way of thinking makes me so sad. Everyone needs love, REAL LOVE … not only on this day, but every day. I’m not talking about mushy romantic gifts plastered with hearts, but love in the truest form of the word. Let people know that you truly care for them … family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. We may never know what they are really dealing with because many people put on a façade for the world to see. We have no way of knowing what goes on behind closed doors, but I think it would be a safe assumption to say everyone needs more love in their life.

So here is your “call to action”  ~  pay for the person behind you in line at the coffee shop … meet a friend for a Galentine lunch date … smile & pay someone a genuine compliment. Just the other day, a total stranger told me she thought my hair was beautiful ~ it still warms my heart just remembering it ♥

I follow a few blogs and 2 have really struck me this week … http://lysaterkeurst.com/2014/02/5-ways-to-survive-love-season/  and  http://mandisaofficial.com/home/single-appreciation-week-day-1/  … check them out and let me know your thoughts & Don’t forget to tell me how you shared your love with others today ♥