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2014 ~ My To-Do List, aka … Personal Goals / New Years Resolutions

It’s New Years Eve … a day to reflect on the passing year and to think about new beginnings.

Many people make New Years Resolutions … I do too, but I like to call them Goals for the New Year. Resolution has an all or nothing feel to it … you either accomplished it or you didn’t. I tended to think in black and white (which I’m in the process of changing – one of my ongoing goals is to be more encouraging and positive), so you would think I would be in favor of resolutions. Sadly, I found myself feeling like a failure sometime around February or March.

I have learned, however, that life is lived one day at a time … and that there are lots of “gray” areas, so I’ve decided that I prefer the term Goals. With goals, you can have steps toward achievement. Improvement counts toward achieving the goal … it’s not necessarily all or nothing – pass or fail.

The planner / organizer in me loves making lists … so I make a yearly To-Do List 🙂 I actually break it down into a few lists … Business, Personal, Home and Relationships. I usually list a few areas I need improvement in with a couple of ideas to start working on them. I don’t put them in any particular order … with asterics, not numbered … no specific importance rating. I try to break things down into doable bite-sized tasks. My goal for the end of the year is to have worked on these improvements consistently enough throughout the year that they have become habits. 

I like to reflect back on my goals for the past year and see improvements, whether large or small, they are steps in the right direction 🙂  Sometimes I need to roll-over items to next year’s list, but I choose to believe that I am a work in progress (positive and encouraging), not a failure. 

2014 is a clean slate, a new beginning … we have to let go of the past and look forward to the future. Forgive ourselves, let it go, and work toward improvement in the new year.


Be Thankful

5 Reasons I’m Glad I Took the 30 Days of Thanks Blogging Challenge

  •   It helped me to really focus on what is important in life

  •   It gave me a sense of accomplishment

  •   It helped me become more comfortable with blogging as a part of my normal routine

  •   It was touching to me to receive so many supportive and encouraging comments

  •   It really increased traffic to my website 

Many thanks to http://www.manylittleblessings.com & http://www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com/ for co-hosting List It Tuesday / Top Ten Tuesday 🙂


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Glass Window at Our Savior

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-15-13

November 15 ~ Today I am thankful for my church family. My family and I have been members at Our Savior for the last 14 years. The pastoral staff knows us personally and is very encouraging and supportive. It comforts me that I can call my pastor to talk something through – crisis or not.

I’ve always been active in many of their various ministries and activities. Over the years I’ve been part of VBS, the choir, small groups, Bible studies, altar guild, confirmation, youth group, and even the bowling league 🙂  All that is to say, that I have formed many relationships and good friendships throughout the years. It’s always nice to know and to be known … Our Savior is a like a second home and family for me, a true blessing !

♥ Today I am thankful for my church family ♥

Encouraging Family Quote

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-14-13

November 14 ~ Today I am thankful for a family that supports and encourages me. I know that I am loved and accepted … warts and all. I am so very thankful to have a family that is there for me through thick and thin … I know that I am truly blessed.

I started my own business, Tracy Helps You, at the beginning of this year and my husband and kids have wholeheartedly supported me. They believe the services I offer are needed and they trust that my business will be successful. Owning my own business is, of course, new to me and sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed. They are always willing to listen and offer an encouraging word.

I am also thankful for my cousin, Terri, who has been a tremendous help to me. She is a professional genealogist, and has owned her own business for many years. She truly loves researching and investigating family histories. If you ever want to look into your family tree, contact her … you won’t regret it 🙂 If you’re interested and live locally, she is giving a (free) lecture at the Wheaton Public Library on November 20, at 7pm. Since she has had the experience of running her own business for a while, she has been graciously giving me advice on owning a home-based business. She is also my go-to person for all things website related … I call her my WordPress Wonder Woman ! She has been an enormous help to me and I am so thankful for her support and for our relationship 🙂

♥ Today I am thankful for a family who loves, supports and encourages me ♥