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Encouraging Family Quote

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-14-13

November 14 ~ Today I am thankful for a family that supports and encourages me. I know that I am loved and accepted … warts and all. I am so very thankful to have a family that is there for me through thick and thin … I know that I am truly blessed.

I started my own business, Tracy Helps You, at the beginning of this year and my husband and kids have wholeheartedly supported me. They believe the services I offer are needed and they trust that my business will be successful. Owning my own business is, of course, new to me and sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed. They are always willing to listen and offer an encouraging word.

I am also thankful for my cousin, Terri, who has been a tremendous help to me. She is a professional genealogist, and has owned her own business for many years. She truly loves researching and investigating family histories. If you ever want to look into your family tree, contact her … you won’t regret it 🙂 If you’re interested and live locally, she is giving a (free) lecture at the Wheaton Public Library on November 20, at 7pm. Since she has had the experience of running her own business for a while, she has been graciously giving me advice on owning a home-based business. She is also my go-to person for all things website related … I call her my WordPress Wonder Woman ! She has been an enormous help to me and I am so thankful for her support and for our relationship 🙂

♥ Today I am thankful for a family who loves, supports and encourages me ♥