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Curves Complete Warrenville, IL

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-6-13

November 6 ~ Today I am thankful for my health. I am a middle aged, overweight woman who has never really taken care of herself. I have been blessed with relatively good health all my life, but I’m ashamed to admit that I took my good health for granted.

A couple years ago, I injured my lower back / left hip when I fell down some stairs. After treatment from doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, I am finally feeling back to normal (or as close to pre-injury as I’m likely to get). All of these professionals treated me from differing points of view. However, they all agreed on one point, I needed to lose weight and workout. They all advised me to work at strengthening my core to protect my back from being re-injured.

I have been overweight and out of shape since my first pregnancy over 20 years ago. I have been able to lose weight several times over this time span … but I’ve always gained it back, plus some 🙁

I have never enjoyed exercising … never thought of myself as athletic. But I knew in my heart it had to be different this time.

I joined CURVES a few weeks ago and took my first steps on what will most likely be a life-long journey of getting fit and staying healthy. I really like that the program I joined has everything I need under one roof – diet, exercise, counseling and support of new friends. Everyone I’ve met there has been friendly and welcoming. I am determined to make eating healthy and working out my new lifestyle.

♥ Today I am thankful I have started my journey to a healthy lifestyle ♥

Fresh Produce from my Organic Garden

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Organic Backyard Garden

Thanks to Angie at http:// www.manylittleblessings.com and Top Ten Tuesday!

This is my 10th blog post; so I thought I would share my Top Ten reasons that I love having an organic garden

  1.   I just love daydreaming of how my yard will look come summer time. Reading garden blogs and leafing through seed catalogs. It takes some of the chill out of a snowy northern Illinois March.
  2.   I’m a planner at heart, so I love planning the layout of my garden plot. I started keeping a journal to keep track of what was planted where and the date … what worked and what fizzled. I actually map out my yard and pencil in the variety of plant that will be planted there. My journal also helps me remember what perennials and/or bulbs I have, as well as, when and where they are located.
  3.   I love starting the seeds indoors and placing them by the most sunny window in my house. Checking on them each day, waiting in anticipation to see the first newly sprouted seedlings.
  4.   I love when the weather finally warms up enough to get outside in the fresh air and do some initial yard clean up and garden prep work. While I don’t love picking up a winter’s worth of debris, I do love discovering my daffodils and hyacinth breaking through the ground and coming to life.
  5.   I love planting my thriving little seedlings in the moist garden soil. When I look over my work, they look so fragile and spaced so far apart. It’s hard to believe in a just few months they will be huge and seem crowded.
  6.   I love watering and nurturing my garden, especially in the early summer. I use homemade natural, organic mixtures ~ not chemicals to fertilize and to control insects. Notice that I didn’t say that I love to pull weeds, but alas, I do it so my plants get all the sun and nutrients from the soil they need. Plus it looks so nice ~ all neat and tidy J
  7.   I just love, love, love discovering the very first tiny, cute little green bean or bell pepper of the season … it’s so exciting !!
  8.   I really love the first delectable bite of the very first juicy, red, ripe tomato !
  9.  I love going out to my garden and picking fresh herbs and veges to use in preparing meals for my family. You just can’t get any fresher than that … from the garden to the table in under an hour.
  10. I love sharing the bountiful harvest with our friends and neighbors. I like canning and preserving the last of it so we can enjoy it during the long winter, while anticipating and planning for the next summer garden 🙂
photo by: OakleyOriginals