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Christmas Holiday Treats

Ten of My Favorite Christmas Holiday Sweets & Treats

During the Christmas holidays, I love to indulge in seasonal sweets and treats  … I’m sure I’m not alone 🙂
  • Egg Nog –plain, without alcohol
  • Hot Cocoa – with lots of whipped cream
  • Peanut Butter Cookies – thin and crispy        
  • Ande’s Candies Chocolate Mint Pie – partially frozen  
  • Sugar Cookies – frosted but without sprinkles
  • Fudge – with walnuts 
  • Candied Nuts – I like pecans the best 
  • Trader Joe’s JoJo Cookies – dipped in white chocolate  
  • Chocolate Covered Pretzels – white chocolate with dark chocolate drizzles 
  • Peppermint Bark – and lots of it 🙂 

Many thanks to http://www.manylittleblessings.com & http://www.weirdunsocializedhomeschoolers.com/ for co-hosting List It Tuesday / Top Ten Tuesday 🙂

Pita Christmas Trees Appetizer

Tracy Helps You’s Tips for Holiday Parties

December is here and with it comes numerous invitations to Holiday parties and get-togethers. I attended one last night and have another tonight, and it’s only the beginning.

Santa Hats

Santa Hats … Fun Christmas Dessert

It’s always so much fun to spend time together with friends and indulge in delicious foods. There is usually a buffet table loaded with quite a variety of appetizers, desserts and drinks … that’s probably where you’ll find most of the guests 🙂

Which brings me to my tip for Holiday Parties … I always ask if I can bring something. Many of these parties are actually annual celebrations for various groups I belong to, like my bowling league, small group or choir. We have a Christmas party every year and all bring a dish to share.

As you know, I love lists … so I created a list (spreadsheet) for Party Food. I keep track of what dish I bring to each party, each year, so I don’t bring the same thing to the next year’s party or to another group party (some people overlap groups). I also keep a copy of the recipes with my list. Then it’s easy to send a copy to someone if they enjoyed my dish and asked for the recipe. I try to plan out what dishes I’ll be bringing after everything is cleaned up on Thanksgiving night (my official start of the Christmas season) … I just love having a plan 🙂

I really enjoy looking through magazines and cookbooks for new recipes to try out. Actually, my latest obsession is browsing on Pinterest … don’t knock it til you’ve tried it 🙂

PS … I brought the little Santa Hats last night, they were a big hit … I’m bringing the Pita Christmas Trees tonight !