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Kindness Is True Valentine's Day Love.

This Valentine’s Day, Show Real Love With Acts of Kindness <3

Love is in the air ♥

It’s that time of the year again … Valentine’s Day … the time of year that the stores try to guilt you into buying something heart shaped and red.

The media makes the most of this “Hallmark Holiday”. Weeks beforehand, you see commercials and ads about jewelry, flowers and chocolate. Every store you go into some kind of Valentine’s Day display … from power tools to lingerie. Most of these specials are geared toward couples in love.

What about everyone else? What about friends and neighbors? Not everyone is in a romantic relationship. There are many kinds of love, like … love between a child and parent or platonic love between friends.

While candy and flowers are nice gifts, they don’t last long. I would rather do something for someone as a way of showing that I care about them, that they are important to me. A simple act of kindness, like running an errand for someone is easy to do and helps them out.

Time is a valuable commodity. Show someone you care by spending time with them. Treat them to a nice leisurely lunch. Go for a nice long walk and catch up with all the happenings going on in their life. Bake some cookies for someone 🙂

This Valentine’s Day, show the people you care about how you feel about them with kindness.

BTW, if you decide you want to get a heart shaped box of candy for someone … helping them eat it will show kindness to their waistline (but not to yours) ♥