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Aunt Terri's Visit ~ November 2013

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-5-13

November 5 ~ Today I am thankful for my Aunt Terri. All week I have been posting about our adventures during her visit to Chicago, but today I’m sad that she is leaving. This afternoon, she will be boarding a plane heading for home.

I am thankful to have spent a busy, fun-filled week with her. I’m so glad she chose to stay at my house this visit. Many times during the week, I’ve had the realization that we are alike in so many ways. One of our similarities came to light each night when we would get home after a long day of being out and about, we would both comment on how good it felt to be home. We’d put on our jammies, kick up our feet and veg out watching an old episode of “Law & Order” on Netflix. We are both multi-taskers, so of course, we would both be on our computers while watching 🙂

I will miss her, but will always cherish the new memories we made while remembering and sharing our old family memories 🙂

♥ Today I will focus on the blessing of making memories ♥