Thankful for Hats For Troops

Thankful Thoughts

So today is a Sunday, and it’s a great day (actually every day is) to be thankful for all I’ve been blessed with. My day started out like pretty much every other day, with a cup of coffee and my daily devotions. On most mornings, my cat, Jack, jumps up on my lap and proceeds to try to knock my book out of my hands so that I can concentrate on petting him.

For the last few days, I haven’t been interrupted by him because he has been resting peacefully on his favorite chair. This is just one of the things I’m thankful for today. He is recovering from a surgery to have a non-cancerous (hopefully) cyst removed. The surgery went well, and he is home recuperating. The 3 hardest things in his post-surgery care have been, not letting him jump up on the furniture, not letting him lick the incision, and giving him his medicine. He is doing well, getting better every day, for which I am very thankful.

Thankful for Jacks Successful Surgery

I’m thankful that Jack’s surgery went well.


But I digress …

Since I woke up kinda early today, I decided to get a start on a little project that I committed to doing for a friend. She took a leap of faith and told the “Warmth for Warriors” group that she would donate 50 handmade helmet liners for the soldiers. She then reached out to her Thrivent Financial agent to use her Thrivent Choice dollars for this great cause. She bought lots of yarn and then reached out through Facebook for any friends who would help her meet her goal. I was just one of her many friends who responded. I’m pretty sure she/we will exceed our goal.

She brought me a skein of yarn and printed directions for both knitting and crocheting. I haven’t done either in decades (I’m thankful my Grandma taught me) and I’m not great at either. I’m more experienced with crocheting, so that’s the one I picked. The directions seemed easy enough, a simple single crochet pattern until it was time to do the ribbing for the brim of the hat.

I should probably mention that I have never followed a pattern before. My past handiwork has included scarves and baby afghans, both of which are pretty much straight rows for a long as you want to make them. Now the pattern is calling for alternating SCFP (single crochet front post) and SCBP (single crochet back post) stitches for 3 rounds. Then I’m supposed to “finish off” and weave in the yarn ends and wet block. Yelp!

Well I’m thankful for YouTube … I’m pretty confident that I can handle the alternating SCFP & SCBP rows when I get to them, and I’m hopeful for learning the next parts of the pattern there as well when the time comes ?

I’m thankful that the internet has made learning new things fun and as simple as typing in a few keywords and hitting “enter”.

Knitting and Crocheting probably won’t be services that Tracy Helps You will be offering any time soon, but we would love to “help” you in other ways … give us a call ?