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The Most Wonderful (aka Busiest) Time of the Year

The Holiday season is upon us, and it’s the most wonderful time of the year. There are so many fun things to do, like spending time with family & friends … traveling … going to parties … shopping … wrapping … not to mention, celebrating the actual Holiday.

All these things are wonderful, but can also be stressful. Adding these fun activities to our already busy schedules can sometimes feel overwhelming. You are only one person, and you only have so much time. It’s the perfect time to have a Personal Assistant !!

Let’s break down that list we mentioned above:

Spending time with family & friends – delegate tasks like grocery shopping and running errands to us, so you have time to visit and still get the tasks on your to-do list taken care of.

Traveling – we can pick up and/or drop off your out of town guests from the airport or we can take you to the airport and pick you up after your trip. We can take care of your pets & home while you are away.

Going to parties – we could go for you (just kidding) – but if you are hosting the party, we could help you with party preparations or be there as an extra pair of hands for you, like an assistant host/hostess.

Shopping – give us your shopping list (and payment) and we will buy things for you.

Wrapping – we can wrap all your gift for you.

Celebrating the actual Holiday – well, you will be doing the fun, stress-free celebrating, knowing that everything got done with Tracy Helps You’s help 🙂

Only 18 days til Christmas … Call us soon !!