Top 10 Packing Tips for A Cruise Vacation

Top 10 Packing Tips: Cruise Vacation

As you know, I love to travel. You also know, I am a detailed-oriented, planning and list making kinda girl ? I want to share some of my tried and true travel tips with you (a little bit of a tongue twister there).

Cruising is one of my favorite ways to travel. I love being on a huge ship, it almost feels like you are in a city … a city at sea. I love that you are always moving, traveling from one place to the next. I love that you wake up in a different port each morning. I also love that you have the same room and only have to unpack once yet get to experience so many different locations.

Here are some of my favorite tips (in no particular order):

  • Roll your clothes (instead of folding them), you will be able to fit more in your suitcase
  • Bring a lanyard to keep your key card handy
  • Bring an over-the-door shoe organizer to organize small items instead of taking up value counter space
  • Pack various sizes of zip-lock bags help keep things dry
  • Wear a watch set to the cruise ship time, don’t rely on your smart phone keeping up with time zone changes … you don’t want to miss the boat ☹
  • Bring large clips to keep your towel on your lounge chair
  • Bring a refillable bottle … buying bottles of water can get really expensive, really fast
  • Bring a wrinkle-release spray – if your clothes get really wrinkled, you can spritz it on then hang in the bathroom so the steam from the shower can work its magic
  • Bring various OTC medications you might need, like Advil or allergy/cold medicine. I also bring SeaBands and motion sickness patches to be prepared just in case.
  • Pack sunscreen and bug spray

BONUS TIP ~ I always bring Clorox wipes and give every surface in my cabin a once over before unpacking and settling in for my wonderful vacation.

EXTRA BONUS TIP ~ use the hand sanitizer stations located pretty much everywhere aboard … thousands, upon thousand of people equate to thousands, upon thousands of germs ☹

Currently, I am in the midst of packing for my 1st Alaska cruise! We will be sailing on the Norwegian Joy! I’ll tell you all about it when I return …

What are some your “tried & true” travel tips?  Please share them here …          I always love learning new tips and tricks ?