Tracy Helps You ~ Your Personal Assistant for Shopping & Running Errands

Would you like to have a wife?? No, this isn’t a marriage proposal. What I meant was, wouldn’t be nice to have a partner / someone to help out with some of your household duties?? How about someone to run those time-consuming, never ending errands??

I got a chuckle one day last week when I rang the doorbell at my client’s house. I was returning from running her weekly errands and grocery shopping. She opened the door with a smile and said, “Yay … my ‘wife’ is home”. It was too funny 🙂

Of course, she was joking, but serious at the same time. She pointed out that by my doing the some of the more mundane type tasks that people (especially mothers) deal with on a daily basis, she can then see to her other tasks. She really appreciates the way her time is freed up to take care those things that only she can take care of.

Each week, she gives me cash and a list of errands to run ~ pick up a prescription at the drug store … pick up & drop off clothes at the dry cleaner … return library books … get supplements from the health food store … pick up the dog from the groomer, etc. She also gives me a detailed grocery shopping list. She tells me what store to go to and the exact brand name products to get. Some times I take a picture of the product so I can make sure to get exactly what she wants. Sometimes, I’ll text her with options to choose from for substitutions of certain products. After the first few times shopping for her, I’m getting to be more familiar with her favorite brands and varieties 🙂 When I return, I bring in all the groceries and we go over the lists / receipts and her change. She loves getting change … she says she saves money by having me shop for her (even though she pays for my services) because I actually stick to the shopping list … no impulse buying that sometimes (usually) happens when she does the shopping 🙂

On the days I help her, she feels doubly productive … checking off twice the number of things on her To-Do List 🙂

We all have long To-do Lists ~ Let Tracy Helps You help you check items off your list 🙂