My Babies

Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-27-13

November 27 ~ Today I am thankful for my children. I have been blessed with 2 wonderful, healthy, fun-loving kids.

When I was growing up, many of my friends wanted to be a nurse, a secretary, or a teacher. Not me, I always wanted to be a mom. Not just a regular mom, I wanted to be a fun mom … I wanted to have the house (with the white picket fence, of course) where all the kids in the neighborhood wanted to hang out. I would always have great snacks like homemade cookies and banana popsicles 🙂

Eventually, I did marry and have two wonderful children. I always wanted a son first, so that when I had a daughter, she would have a big brother to protect her and always look out for her (I know that sounds old fashioned). God blessed me with my son, Tim, and then a few years later, with my daughter, Kate. I’ve had the great honor and privilege of watching them grow into kind and loving, responsible young adults. I’m so very proud of them. I’ve dedicated my life to being the best mom I could be for them, (even though I ended up being a working mom instead of the stay at home mom I had always dreamed of). They know I will always be there for them, no matter what … to me, that’s the very definition of a mother’s love.

My Babies All Grown Up

Where does the time go? They’ll always be my babies <3

♥ Today I am so very thankful for my children ♥