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Tracy Helps You’s Thankful Thoughts for Today ~ 11-2-13

November 2 ~ Today I am thankful for old family memories. Yesterday, I was blessed to be able to spend the day with my aunt and one of my cousins wandering around several different Chicago neighborhoods. My aunt lives in California and comes back for occasional visits. Over the years, it has become our tradition to drive by some of the old houses / apartments that she lived in growing up. We would park out front of the building and she would tell us old family stories. Some of the stories I’ve heard before but are fun to hear over and over … but it seems that I learn something new with each of her visits.

Yesterday, we decided to park and walk around for close up looks. We’re lucky no one called the cops on us, cause we probably looked like stalkers and we may or may not have trespassed 🙂   At one house, the current resident saw us pointing at her house and taking pictures. She asked if she could help us (probably a polite way of saying what are you weirdoes doing??). We explained that we grew up there and she was so kind as to actually invite us in and show us around. I didn’t even recognize it, they had completely gutted and remodeled the place. It was gorgeous and so much nicer than when we lived there. Back in the day, we also owned the empty lot right next door and used it as an extension of our backyard. Now there is a house built on that lot. We also got to take pictures of my cousin re-enacting her job when we planted the tree out in front of the house as kids.

Like many families, we have some pretty wacky stories, but I think that’s what makes oral history so fun 🙂  I think it’s a good way to relive childhood memories and keep them alive. I find it particularly interesting to hear my aunt’s and cousin’s recollection of the same memory. How circumstances are perceived at different stages of life … my aunt being older and my cousin being younger than me.

I came home exhausted, but full of new memories of old memories … thanks to the adventures of the three T’s 🙂 

♥ Today I will focus on being thankful for having old family memories ♥

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  1. Terri O'Connell

    This was a great day all around. Though I truly loved going through the house on Cuyler, it made me feel close to grandma when I looked out the picture window her chair was always by. I know that is weird, but oh well. So glad we got to do this while the weather was still nice.

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